How to create gradient text in CSS

I wanted to add a css text gradient to some parts of my site. It’s well supported in modern browsers. Found this awesome pen and had to import it into my site 😍 How does it look? mix-blend-mode Part of the magic here is this CSS property (MDN Docs), which is well supported: Then combine […]

Bootstrap 4 Second Level Menu Nav

Bootstrap v4 does not come with a second level navigation out of the box. You can add it with just a few lines of CSS and JS. Here’s how to do add a second level menu navigation to Bootstrap 4. Actually with this you even to 3rd level menu navigation if you wish to. HTML […]

Background Gradient 100% body CSS

Use background gradients to cover the entire page without messing with percentages html height:100% or similar…

REM mixin for your SASS

REM mixin for dealing with this units and pixels for old browsers (IE8)…

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