How to do multiple StaticQuery in Gatsby

If you need to do more than one GraphQL StaticQuery in Gatbsy you can assign each query to a name. Then simply access data.yourName and you’re ready to go. Here’s a full example of how I use it on my reviews site:

How to remove client-side JavaScript from Gatsby

I build my reviews site using Gatsby. It’s cool, the graphql is powerful but there’s something that was buggering me. Why does my static site need client-side JavaScript? There’s no reason for it. Gatsby will argue about faster route changing this way, sure. For a high-traffic site where users visit multiple pages on the same […]

How to sort by multiple fields in GraphQL

Wasn’t quick to find the official documentation for this, so here it is in case you’re wondering. Single field sorting Multiple field sorting You can define an array of values for both order an fields. My full working query for printing a list of TV Shows ordered by season and then by the episode number.

How to create a blog with Gatsby

This passed weekend I spent some time playing with Gatsby. Gatsby is a blazing fast modern site generator for React. Gatsby’s blog starter They provide a quick fool-proof way to bootstrap your blog with the gatsby-starter-blog repo. ⭐️ My TV Shows Review What was my plan? Use the provided repo to create the site to […]

How to customize the RSS Feed in Gatsby

gatsby-plugin-feed The plugin allows you to customize the fields, add new fields, etc. Great for adding, for instance, Podcast fields (Apple iTunes information). Check it out on Github. Add a new field On my Reviews site I initially wanted to add a new field. It is rather easy to add a new custom field, like […]