Stop blindly preloading fonts

For a while now I thought that preloading your custom fonts was the way to go. In my defense in the past that was the recommended approach. Well, no longer πŸ‘‹ I did a quick test with my cat’s site and the result is clear: What exactly happened here? The fonts stopped being a […]

How to create a Firefox custom Start Page

Overengineering. This is my takeaway after learning how to add a local addon to Firefox in order to have a custom start page on each new tab. A while back I came across this subreddit called StartPages where users post their custom browser start pages. I thought it was very cool and wanted to try […]

Disable Chrome form autocomplete

Google Chrome ignores the autocomplete=”off” or automcomplete=”false” in forms, use a readonly attribute…

Browser history with pushState()

Manipulate the browser’s history with the JavaScript method pushState(), interact with it depending on the user clicks or other events…

JavaScript Fullscreen API

How to use the HTML5 JavaScript Fullscreen API? Enable and style a fullscreen mode in your web applications with this simple JavaScript snippet…

Snow with HTML Canvas

Create falling snow using HTML canvas and JavaScript, this example was taken from the HTML5 Rocks website…

HTML5 Drag and Drop Demo

Basic Drag and Drop Demo app using HTML5 and JavaScript event listeners.

HTML5 link anchor must have an ID

Link anchor with name doesn’t work properly in HTML5. The name attribute is deprecated obsolete in HTML5, you should you the id attribute…

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