How to Auto Refresh HTML

Auto refresh your browser every X seconds with a meta tag. We the following code inside your HEAD on your page and the browser will automatically refresh every content seconds.

How to create HTML5 input range

How to add a HTML5 slider range. Use some JavaScript to change the div border-radius. Add a form input range with HTML5.

Autofocus in HTML5

How to add the autofocus attribute for Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Firefox or Internet Explorer using a little JavaScript code. Use HTML5 adding autofocus.

Placeholder in HTML5

How to add a filler text (placerholder) in a input type using HTML5 without any javascript. This feature is supported by Google Chrome and Safari.

Video tag in HTML5

I’m starting to be interested in HTML5 the new HTML lenguage. It’s pretty cool and pretty amazing. Today after some research I made an easy example of embed video.