How to list recently edited pages in Hugo

The following snippet will list your Hugo site pages ordered by last modification date. You simply have to reverse it and limit to your liking. Shortcode themes/YOUR_THEME/layouts/shortcodes/last-edited-pages.html How to use?

Moving from Docusaurus to Hugo

For static generated sites I’m loving more everyday Hugo. It’s speed and zero JavaScript dependency (unlike Gatsby) is just what the doctor ordered. I have a private wiki for my, well, not public notes. The first version was done with WordPress (I even open sourced the theme). It worked okay, nice writing experience, one click […]

How to add PurgeCSS to Hugo

One of the best optimizations you can add to your static site generated with Hugo is purging unused CSS. Today we’ll be using the veteran PurgeCSS with the out of the box PostCSS support from Hugo. Did you know Tailwind CSS uses PurgeCSS as well? From 80kb to 10kb For my Hugo project I reduced […]