Moving from Linode to netcup

Here my highlights of the VPS move last week. You will see a lot of cons which are negated by the fact that pricing and hardware is that much better deal. For context, I have been a Linode customer for like 10 years. The customer service has been good, the dashboard is nice and they […]

How to have default values with “read” in Bash

I am slowly discovering the powerful Bash. Here’s something you’ll need eventually when working with Bash scripts and user input. How do you prompt the user to enter something in a Bash script? Of course you can print it later with: How do you set a default value? This syntax checks if name is empty. […]

How to install APC from Source – Ubuntu

Install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) using the source code. In some linux distributions or in particular cases you might want to avoid installing APC using the command apc-get…

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