Remove / Uninstall APC – Ubuntu

How to remove APC in Ubuntu? Uninstall PHP APC in Ubuntu? If you want to uninstall APC run the following command…

phpize: command not found – Ubuntu

If you’re running Ubuntu you might have tried to run the phpize command. In case it is not installed in your system, you just need to install the php5-dev package…

How to Optimize your MySQL tables from the command line

All the MySQL tables have the be optimized once in a while. Ideally, once a week perhaps. You can do that by either going to your phpMyAdmin or, if you’re a badass command line user, run the following command…

Setup exim4 to use Gmail in Ubuntu

How to install exim4 and setup your Gmail account as SMTP Server. Step by step guide on how to install exim4 in your Ubuntu.

How to remove Apache logs & errors

Use the following command to remove all the files and directories inside your apache2 log. You may want to reload it after deleting.