How to convert currencies in Magento

Convert any currencies using Magento’s core function. The function expects three parameters: value, from currency, to currency…

eBook Review: Magento Mobile How-to

Language: EnglishPaperback: 78 pagesRelease Date: November 2012Author : Darko GoleΕ‘ What is it about? The book starts by teaching you how to install the Magento Mobile extension. Then it walks you through the theme and store view configuration, payment methods and so on. The main goal is to show you how to create and configure […]

eBook Review: Mastering Magento

Mastering Magento is a book written by Bret Williams. It’s in English and it has 300 pages. This books walks you through how to customize your Magento store for better performance, tuning your Magento installation and step-by-step guides for making your store run faster or to improve your convertion.

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