How to Allow more file types Magento

Allow more file types to Magento. I wanted to add a PDF file to the product description but Magento just allow image file types.

How to get Dropdown Attributes Magento

Get the Dropdown Attribute value in catalog list. We saw How to get Attributes wich worked fine for text attributes. Now if you want to get the dropdown attribute value.

How to show Tier prices Magento

Show the Tier prices in the product listing / catalog list or product view. Add a Tier price and show it with a simple code.

How to turn on Magento Path Hints

How to activate the Template Path Hints in Magento. Faster development of Magento themes using the Templates Path Hints.

How to Speed up Magento

Optimize your Magento site Speed. Best keys to speed up your Magento store. Run YSlow and Google Page Speed and get better score speeding up your Magento.