How to Remove Add to Compare Magento

How to remove the Add to Compare List in a Magento Store. Remove this functions and the links from your site. You’ll have to go into de code and delete some lines.

How to get Attributes Magento

How to Display custom product attributes in Magento. Use it in the product listing. Edit the attribute and set Used in product listing to yes.

Upgrade theme pager to Magento 1.4

How to upgrade the pager in your 1.3 theme to the Magento 1.4 version. This fix problems with the catalog.xml and toolbar.phtml

SEO URL Magento

How to improve your SEO using better URLs in Magento from the admin panel, Use Web Server Rewrites.

Add links Magento

Creating a link in Magento is not that obvious if you never did before. Today I’m going to show you how to do it.