How to schedule posts with Mastodon

The other day I wanted to post several links and posts on Mastodon. I didn’t want to flood my followers’ timeline with my face several times in a row. So I thought, I’d love to have a way to schedule posts on Mastodon 🤔 So far there doesn’t seem to be a way to do […]

Moving S3 from Backblaze B2 to Scaleway

After starting to host my own private Mastodon instance it became clear that disk usage was going to be problem. I eventually moved all the assets to an S3 compatible Object Storage. Now I’m moving away from Backblaze B2 as a S3 provider to Scaleway. I wanted to highlight why and how I did it, […]

Creating a static Mastodon user’s archive

The current (4.0.2) Mastodon profile page is bad. Bad because it requires JavaScript to load. If you want to go back in time and look at your own posts it’s not convenient, it’s just slow. I find myself wanting to find old posts to re-share or revisit often. So I decided to first build a […]

How to create a Mastodon user sitemap.xml

The out of the box Mastodon does not come with sitemap.xml generation built-in. If you want to push a user’s sitemap to Google or other search engines here’s how to do it. 💡 My setup is meant to be for a single-user Mastodon instance. 🤔 Why? It’s simple, I don’t have Elastic Search set up […]

Scaling Mastodon: moving media assets to Object Storage

⚠️ I have written a follow-up post moving from B2 to Scaleway as Object Storage provider. This post is still valid, the only thing is I’m not longer using B2, which might be perfectly fine for your needs 👍 When I installed my private personal Mastodon instance y quickly noticed Mastodon has storage issues, so […]

How to add web mentions to your WordPress site

A Webmention enables enables cross-site conversations. Letting site A know that site B is mentioning them (be it via link, a like, a re-post… there are many times of mentions). One of the cool use cases is to link your Fediverse account (Mastodon, in my case) with your blog. So every time you share a […]

Improving Mastodon’s disk usage

Mastodon’s built-in CLI gives you the availability to clean attachments and previews from remote accounts, purging the disk cache. This is fantastic and you couldn’t possibly survive with out it. My current crontab (in the mastodon user, not root) that runs every 3 hours: As of Mastodon 4.1.0, we have new available commands. Here’s the […]

Hosting my own Mastodon instance

⚠️ Read this before deep diving I’ve been dealing with Mastodon’s high disk usage for the last week. Have a read before installing your own Mastodon instance. I would recommend checking out Pleroma and Akkoma before taking a decision. They have way less system requirements than Mastodon. EDIT November 8th Self-hosting That’s right, I know […]