How to DELETE with LIMIT and OFFSET in MySQL

It has been ages since I needed to write MySQL queries. I barely remember the basics. I found myself perplexed after learning DELETE does not allow you to specify a limit. I thought it simply acted as a SELECT but the results instead of being returned where deleted. It seems you need to nest 2 […]

How to Optimize your MySQL tables from the command line

All the MySQL tables have the be optimized once in a while. Ideally, once a week perhaps. You can do that by either going to your phpMyAdmin or, if youโ€™re a badass command line user, run the following command…

Optimize MySQL turning Off InnoDB

If your MySQL databases uses MyISAM instead of InnoDB you should turn the last one Off. It should free memory and optimize your MySQL performance.

How to Delete Post Revisions WordPress

Following yesterdayโ€™s post about Turning Off Post Revisions today Iโ€™m going to show you how to delete those revisions from the data base.