PHP Random Password Generator

How to create a random password generator with PHP. The code basically uses predefined characters to create a string. You can set the length and the strength.

How to calculate relative time PHP

Do you remember the post I wrote about How to calculate relative time like facebook? The code was a little bit messy so today i’ll show you a short snippet.

How to Upload mp4 – CodeIgniter mime type

If you want to upload a file with CodeIgniter you should read my old post about it first. Setup the Config Arguments. Add the mime type mp4 to CodeIgniter.

facebook Like button bug fb_xd_fragment IE

Prevent the facebook like button from breaking your site with Internet Explorer. Hide Google Analytics duplicate url with the fb_xd_fragment parameter.

How to Multiple File Upload with CodeIgniter

Upload multiple images in one same form is not that simple. You need to initialize the upload or the resize if you want to Resize Multiple Images with CodeIgniter.