eBook Review: Mastering Magento

Mastering Magento is a book written by Bret Williams. It's in English and it has 300 pages.

This books walks you through how to customize your Magento store for better performance, tuning your Magento installation and step-by-step guides for making your store run faster or to improve your conversion.

You can go from planning to launching going through all of this chapters:


  • Chapter 1: Planning for Magento
  • Chapter 2: Successful Magento Installation
  • Chapter 3: Managing Products
  • Chapter 4: Designs and Themes
  • Chapter 5: Configuring to Sell
  • Chapter 6: Managing Non-product Content
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Tools
  • Chapter 8: Extending Magento
  • Chapter 9: Optimizing Magento
  • Chapter 10: Advanced Techniques
  • Chapter 11: Pre-launch Checklist

Who will like this book?

I'm not going to lie to you, you might need developer skills to be able to understand some parts of the book. However, most of the book can be read without technical knowledge. You'll be able to comprehend most of information which might help you improve your store and learn how to configure it.

What did I like about this book?

This book covers every chapter in-depth. You can get your hands dirty on code, server setup and a lot of Magento Admin tuning.

Each section will also give you an explanation of the elements involved such as catalog fields, scope, attribute sets and more concepts.

What did I not like about this book?

I might have liked to see more code such as extensions but maybe that's because I'm a developer. Still, if you want to learn about coding extensions and snippets I'm sure you can find similar code focused eBooks.


Download the Chapter 5: Configuring to Sell for free πŸ˜‰

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