Google Earthview Photo Downloader

You might be familiar with this awesome Google site:

Well, I wanted to start tweeting photos from this site because they're so amazing. Sharing this beautiful images with a link to Google Maps is a joy. Thanks to the provided link to Google Maps you can navigate the area. Very, very cool.

Instead of having to reload the Google page many times to find a photo I liked, download the photo, get the google maps link, copy the location text... I wanted to do it faster. That's why I created this PHP web app.

Google Earthview Photo Downloader

What does it do?

It gets multiple images and presents them in one page, at smaller size. It outputs the name and the Google Maps URL (for easy sharing). Then you have a button to download the photo. Check out the markup for that button:

<a download href="<?=$result->photoUrl?>">Download Photo</a>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

I wasn't aware that this HTML5 attribute allows you to force a file download.

How to get the content

I thought Google would have the API open for anyone to query but no. I had to use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to retrieve the HTML and get the content.

Luckily Google makes it easier for us by adding all the JSON data in a body attribute:


Give it a try or Fork it!

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Materialize CSS

All the styles using the kick-ass Materialize CSS.

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