How to clean certain HTML tags with PHP

If you have a string which has HTML and you want to remove only certain tags from it, use the snippet below.


PHP has this DOMDocument class available for us

function removeTag($content, $tagName) { $dom = new DOMDocument(); $dom->loadHTML('<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?>' . $content); $nodes = $dom->getElementsByTagName($tagName); while ($node = $nodes->item(0)) { $replacement = $dom->createDocumentFragment(); while ($inner = $node->childNodes->item(0)) { $replacement->appendChild($inner); } $node->parentNode->replaceChild($replacement, $node); } # remove <!DOCTYPE $dom->removeChild($dom->doctype); $nodes = $dom->getElementsByTagName('html'); while ($node = $nodes->item(0)) { $replacement = $dom->createDocumentFragment(); while ($inner = $node->childNodes->item(0)) { $replacement->appendChild($inner); } $node->parentNode->replaceChild($replacement, $node); } $nodes = $dom->getElementsByTagName('body'); while ($node = $nodes->item(0)) { $replacement = $dom->createDocumentFragment(); while ($inner = $node->childNodes->item(0)) { $replacement->appendChild($inner); } $node->parentNode->replaceChild($replacement, $node); } return str_replace('<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?>', '', $dom->saveHTML()); } $content = '<span>This <b>is</b> an <span>example</span></span>'; echo removeTag($content, 'span'); // "This <b>is</b> an example"
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