How to sort by multiple fields in GraphQL

Wasn't quick to find the official documentation for this, so here it is in case you're wondering.

Single field sorting

sort: { order: ASC, fields: frontmatter___season }
Code language: CSS (css)

Multiple field sorting

You can define an array of values for both order an fields.

sort: { order: [ASC, ASC], fields: [frontmatter___season, frontmatter___episode] }
Code language: CSS (css)

My full working query for printing a list of TV Shows ordered by season and then by the episode number.

query MyQuery { allMarkdownRemark( sort: { order: [ASC, ASC], fields: [frontmatter___season, frontmatter___episode] } ) { edges { node { id frontmatter { title } } } } }

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  • Can I create Order_by function manually in the schema?

    • Hey Bills,

      I’m not that proficient in GraphQL, I don’t seem to get what you’re trying to achieve. A custom order function? I guess the out of the box logic is not enough for your use case?

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