Javascript, CSS, and (X)HTML entities

Have you ever tried to use html entities in CSS? It just doesn't work.

With the super table below you can find the reference to those entities.

Have fun ! 😉

Name NumericDescriptionHexISO in CSS contentOctal
   no-break space%A0p:before p:before { content:"\00a0"; }alert("\240");
¡¡¡inverted exclamation mark%A1p:before p:before { content:"\00a1"; }alert("\241");
¢¢¢cent sign%A2p:before p:before { content:"\00a2"; }alert("\242");
£££pound sterling sign%A3p:before p:before { content:"\00a3"; }alert("\243");
¤¤¤general currency sign%A4p:before p:before { content:"\00a4"; }alert("\244");
¥¥¥yen sign%A5p:before p:before { content:"\00a5"; }alert("\245");
¦¦¦broken (vertical) bar%A6p:before p:before { content:"\00a6"; }alert("\246");
§§§section sign%A7p:before p:before { content:"\00a7"; }alert("\247");
¨¨¨umlaut (dieresis)%A8p:before p:before { content:"\00a8"; }alert("\250");
©©©copyright sign%A9p:before p:before { content:"\00a9"; }alert("\251");
ªªªordinal indicator, feminine%AAp:before p:before { content:"\00aa"; }alert("\252");
«««angle quotation mark, left%ABp:before p:before { content:"\00ab"; }alert("\253");
¬¬¬not sign%ACp:before p:before { content:"\00ac"; }alert("\254");
­­­soft hyphen%ADp:before p:before { content:"\00ad"; }alert("\255");
®®®registered sign%AEp:before p:before { content:"\00ae"; }alert("\256");
¯¯¯macron%AFp:before p:before { content:"\00af"; }alert("\257");
°°°degree sign%B0p:before p:before { content:"\00b0"; }alert("\260");
±±±plus-or-minus sign%B1p:before p:before { content:"\00b1"; }alert("\261");
²²²superscript two%B2p:before p:before { content:"\00b2"; }alert("\262");
³³³superscript three%B3p:before p:before { content:"\00b3"; }alert("\263");
´´´acute accent%B4p:before p:before { content:"\00b4"; }alert("\264");
µµµmicro sign%B5p:before p:before { content:"\00b5"; }alert("\265");
¶¶pilcrow (paragraph sign)%B6p:before p:before { content:"\00b6"; }alert("\266");
···middle dot%B7p:before p:before { content:"\00b7"; }alert("\267");
¸¸¸cedilla%B8p:before p:before { content:"\00b8"; }alert("\270");
¹¹¹superscript one%B9p:before p:before { content:"\00b9"; }alert("\271");
ºººordinal indicator, masculine%BAp:before p:before { content:"\00ba"; }alert("\272");
»»»angle quotation mark, right%BBp:before p:before { content:"\00bb"; }alert("\273");
¼¼¼fraction one-quarter%BCp:before p:before { content:"\00bc"; }alert("\274");
½½½fraction one-half%BDp:before p:before { content:"\00bd"; }alert("\275");
¾¾¾fraction three-quarters%BEp:before p:before { content:"\00be"; }alert("\276");
¿¿¿inverted question mark%BFp:before p:before { content:"\00bf"; }alert("\277");
ÀÀÀcapital A, grave accent%C0p:before p:before { content:"\00c0"; }alert("\300");
ÁÁÁcapital A, acute accent%C1p:before p:before { content:"\00c1"; }alert("\301");
ÂÂÂcapital A, circumflex accent%C2p:before p:before { content:"\00c2"; }alert("\302");
ÃÃÃcapital A, tilde%C3p:before p:before { content:"\00c3"; }alert("\303");
ÄÄÄcapital A, dieresis or umlaut mark%C4p:before p:before { content:"\00c4"; }alert("\304");
ÅÅÅcapital A, ring%C5p:before p:before { content:"\00c5"; }alert("\305");
ÆÆÆcapital AE diphthong (ligature)%C6p:before p:before { content:"\00c6"; }alert("\306");
ÇÇÇcapital C, cedilla%C7p:before p:before { content:"\00c7"; }alert("\307");
ÈÈÈcapital E, grave accent%C8p:before p:before { content:"\00c8"; }alert("\310");
ÉÉÉcapital E, acute accent%C9p:before p:before { content:"\00c9"; }alert("\311");
ÊÊÊcapital E, circumflex accent%CAp:before p:before { content:"\00ca"; }alert("\312");
ËËËcapital E, dieresis or umlaut mark%CBp:before p:before { content:"\00cb"; }alert("\313");
ÌÌÌcapital I, grave accent%CCp:before p:before { content:"\00cc"; }alert("\314");
ÍÍÍcapital I, acute accent%CDp:before p:before { content:"\00cd"; }alert("\315");
ÎÎÎcapital I, circumflex accent%CEp:before p:before { content:"\00ce"; }alert("\316");
ÏÏÏcapital I, dieresis or umlaut mark%CFp:before p:before { content:"\00cf"; }alert("\317");
ÐÐÐcapital Eth, Icelandic%D0p:before p:before { content:"\00d0"; }alert("\320");
ÑÑÑcapital N, tilde%D1p:before p:before { content:"\00d1"; }alert("\321");
ÒÒÒcapital O, grave accent%D2p:before p:before { content:"\00d2"; }alert("\322");
ÓÓÓcapital O, acute accent%D3p:before p:before { content:"\00d3"; }alert("\323");
ÔÔÔcapital O, circumflex accent%D4p:before p:before { content:"\00d4"; }alert("\324");
ÕÕÕcapital O, tilde%D5p:before p:before { content:"\00d5"; }alert("\325");
ÖÖÖcapital O, dieresis or umlaut mark%D6p:before p:before { content:"\00d6"; }alert("\326");
×××multiply sign%D7p:before p:before { content:"\00d7"; }alert("\327");

capital O, slash

%D8p:before p:before { content:"\00d8"; }alert("\330");
ÙÙÙcapital U, grave accent%D9p:before p:before { content:"\00d9"; }alert("\331");
ÚÚÚcapital U, acute accent%DAp:before p:before { content:"\00da"; }alert("\332");
ÛÛÛcapital U, circumflex accent%DBp:before p:before { content:"\00db"; }alert("\333");
ÜÜÜcapital U, dieresis or umlaut mark%DCp:before p:before { content:"\00dc"; }alert("\334");
ÝÝÝcapital Y, acute accent%DDp:before p:before { content:"\00dd"; }alert("\335");
ÞÞÞcapital THORN, Icelandic%DEp:before p:before { content:"\00de"; }alert("\336");
ßßßsmall sharp s, German (sz ligature)%DFp:before p:before { content:"\00df"; }alert("\337");
àààsmall a, grave accent%E0p:before p:before { content:"\00e0"; }alert("\340");
ááásmall a, acute accent%E1p:before p:before { content:"\00e1"; }alert("\341");
âââsmall a, circumflex accent%E2p:before p:before { content:"\00e2"; }alert("\342");
ãããsmall a, tilde%E3p:before p:before { content:"\00e3"; }alert("\343");
äääsmall a, dieresis or umlaut mark%E4p:before p:before { content:"\00e4"; }alert("\344");
åååsmall a, ring%E5p:before p:before { content:"\00e5"; }alert("\345");
æææsmall ae diphthong (ligature)%E6p:before p:before { content:"\00e6"; }alert("\346");
çççsmall c, cedilla%E7p:before p:before { content:"\00e7"; }alert("\347");
èèèsmall e, grave accent%E8p:before p:before { content:"\00e8"; }alert("\350");
ééésmall e, acute accent%E9p:before p:before { content:"\00e9"; }alert("\351");
êêêsmall e, circumflex accent%EAp:before p:before { content:"\00ea"; }alert("\352");
ëëësmall e, dieresis or umlaut mark%EBp:before p:before { content:"\00eb"; }alert("\353");
ìììsmall i, grave accent%ECp:before p:before { content:"\00ec"; }alert("\354");
ííísmall i, acute accent%EDp:before p:before { content:"\00ed"; }alert("\355");
îîîsmall i, circumflex accent%EEp:before p:before { content:"\00ee"; }alert("\356");
ïïïsmall i, dieresis or umlaut mark%EFp:before p:before { content:"\00ef"; }alert("\357");
ðððsmall eth, Icelandic%F0p:before p:before { content:"\00f0"; }alert("\360");
ñññsmall n, tilde%F1p:before p:before { content:"\00f1"; }alert("\361");
òòòsmall o, grave accent%F2p:before p:before { content:"\00f2"; }alert("\362");
óóósmall o, acute accent%F3p:before p:before { content:"\00f3"; }alert("\363");
ôôôsmall o, circumflex accent%F4p:before p:before { content:"\00f4"; }alert("\364");
õõõsmall o, tilde%F5p:before p:before { content:"\00f5"; }alert("\365");
ööösmall o, dieresis or umlaut mark%F6p:before p:before { content:"\00f6"; }alert("\366");
÷÷÷divide sign%F7p:before p:before { content:"\00f7"; }alert("\367");
øøøsmall o, slash%F8p:before p:before { content:"\00f8"; }alert("\370");
ùùùsmall u, grave accent%F9p:before p:before { content:"\00f9"; }alert("\371");
úúúsmall u, acute accent%FAp:before p:before { content:"\00fa"; }alert("\372");
ûûûsmall u, circumflex accent%FBp:before p:before { content:"\00fb"; }alert("\373");
üüüsmall u, dieresis or umlaut mark%FCp:before p:before { content:"\00fc"; }alert("\374");
ýýýsmall y, acute accent%FDp:before p:before { content:"\00fd"; }alert("\375");
þþþsmall thorn, Icelandic%FEp:before p:before { content:"\00fe"; }alert("\376");
ÿÿÿsmall y, dieresis or umlaut mark%FFp:before p:before { content:"\00ff"; }alert("\377");
Name NumericDescriptionHexISO in CSS contentOctal
  en spaceu+2002 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2002";}alert("\u2002");
  em spaceu+2003 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2003";}alert("\u2003");
  thin spaceu+2009 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2009";}alert("\u2009");
‌‌zero width non-joineru+200C NEW RFC 2070p:before p:before { content:"\200C";}alert("\u200C");
‍‍zero width joineru+200D NEW RFC 2070p:before p:before { content:"\200D";}alert("\u200d");
‎‎left-to-right marku+200E NEW RFC 2070p:before p:before { content:"\200E";}alert("\u200e");
‏‏right-to-left marku+200F NEW RFC 2070p:before p:before { content:"\200F";}alert("\u200f");
––en dashu+2013 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2013";}alert("\u2013");
——em dashu+2014 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2014";}alert("\u2014");
‘‘left single quotation marku+2018 ISOnump:before p:before { content:"\2018";}alert("\u2018");
’’right single quotation marku+2019 ISOnump:before p:before { content:"\2019";}alert("\u2019");
‚‚single low-9 quotation marku+201A NEWp:before p:before { content:"\201A";}alert("\u201a");
““left double quotation marku+201C ISOnump:before p:before { content:"\201C";}alert("\u201c");
””right double quotation marku+201D ISOnump:before p:before { content:"\201D";}alert("\u201d");
„„double low-9 quotation marku+201E NEWp:before p:before { content:"\201E";}alert("\u201e");
††daggeru+2020 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2020";}alert("\u2020");
‡‡double daggeru+2021 ISOpubp:before p:before { content:"\2021";}alert("\u2021");
‰‰per mille signu+2030 ISOtechp:before p:before { content:"\2030";}alert("\u2030");
‹‹single left-pointing angle quotation mark
(lsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardised)
u+2039 ISO proposedp:before p:before { content:"\2039";}alert("\u2039");
››single right-pointing angle quotation mark
rsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardised
u+203A ISO proposedp:before p:before { content:"\203A";}alert("\u203a");
Name NumericDescriptionISO in CSS contentOctal
••bullet, a.k.a. black small circle
bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator — u+2219
u+2022 ISOpubalert("\u2219");
……horizontal ellipsis, a.k.a. three dot leaderu+2026 ISOpubalert("\u2026");
′′prime, a.k.a. minutes, a.k.a. feetu+2032 ISOtechalert("\u2032");
″″double prime, a.k.a. seconds, a.k.a. inchesu+2033 ISOtechalert("\u2033");
‾‾overline, a.k.a. spacing overscoreu+203E NEWalert("\u203e");
⁄⁄fraction slashu+2044 NEWalert("\u8260");
Name NumericDescriptionISO in CSS contentOctal
←←leftwards arrowu+2190 ISOnumalert("\u2190");
↑↑upwards arrowu+2191 ISOnumalert("\u2191");
→→rightwards arrowu+2192 ISOnumalert("\u2192");
↓↓downwards arrowu+2193 ISOnumalert("\u2193");
↔↔left right arrowu+2194 ISOamsaalert("\u2194");
↵↵downwards arrow with corner leftwards, a.k.a. carriage returnu+21B5 NEWalert("\u21b5");
⇐⇐leftwards double arrow
can be used for ‘is implied by’
u+21D0 ISOtechalert("\u21d0");
⇑⇑upwards double arrowu+21D1 ISOamsaalert("\u21d1");
⇒⇒rightwards double arrowu+21D2 ISOtechalert("\u21d2");
⇓⇓downwards double arrowu+21D3 ISOamsaalert("\ud1d3");
⇔⇔left right double arrowu+21D4 ISOamsaalert("\u21d4");

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