How to remove client-side JavaScript from Gatsby

I build my reviews site using Gatsby. It’s cool, the graphql is powerful but there’s something that was buggering me. Why does my static site need client-side JavaScript? There’s no reason for it. Gatsby will argue about faster route changing this way, sure. For a high-traffic site where users visit multiple pages on the same […]

How to set docs as homepage for Docusaurus

If you’d prefer to show the Docusaurus docs section as a homepage instead of the regular landing page, you can use the snippet below. There are several ways to do this. From a simply server redirect, to the a hacky JavaScript redirect to the much desired official approach down below. Official solution: configure the docs […]

Stop blindly preloading fonts

For a while now I thought that preloading your custom fonts was the way to go. In my defense in the past that was the recommended approach. Well, no longer 👋 I did a quick test with my cat’s site and the result is clear: What exactly happened here? The fonts stopped being a […]

How to DELETE with LIMIT and OFFSET in MySQL

It has been ages since I needed to write MySQL queries. I barely remember the basics. I found myself perplexed after learning DELETE does not allow you to specify a limit. I thought it simply acted as a SELECT but the results instead of being returned where deleted. It seems you need to nest 2 […]

Creating a custom RSS Reader with PHP

Before you eye roll me 🙄 after saying PHP, hear me out. 💬 What’s your current RSS reader? Please tell me you still use RSS 🙏, you should, everybody should. I used to use Feedly and there was nothing wrong with it. At least for my use: Open it from time to time. Get my […]

Creating a Link Manager with WordPress

You know I’m a huge WordPress fan and I rely on it whenever I need a CMS. At this point pretty much everything is possible, don’t want to mess with PHP? Sure, use it headless with GraphQL and Next.js or the provided out of the REST API. Today I won’t be using any of the […]

How to add a class to Tag Cloud items – WordPress

If you want to extend the WordPress Tag Cloud Widget with your own custom CSS class, you can easily use the wp_generate_tag_cloud_data filter like so: Docs: filter: wp_generate_tag_cloud_data wp_generate_tag_cloud()

How to add PurgeCSS to Hugo

One of the best optimizations you can add to your static site generated with Hugo is purging unused CSS. Today we’ll be using the veteran PurgeCSS with the out of the box PostCSS support from Hugo. Did you know Tailwind CSS uses PurgeCSS as well? From 80kb to 10kb For my Hugo project I reduced […]

How to add custom meta data to WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is a very neat thing. I’m using it to pull my To-Do list into my Firefox Start Page, which I find totally awesome 🤩 If you’re using custom post meta data is not as straight forward. For some reason the meta data is not exposed by default when you query posts […]