Creating a custom RSS Reader with PHP

Before you eye roll me 🙄 after saying PHP, hear me out. 💬 What’s your current RSS reader? Please tell me you still use RSS 🙏, you should, everybody should. I used to use Feedly and there was nothing wrong with it. At least for my use: Open it from time to time. Get my […]

Create a cheap clone of Object – Vue

Here’s an obvious bit of code (obvious when you know about it) 🤦🏻‍♂️

How to create a clone of a Vue object without the bindings?

Scroll to top on route change – Vue.js

If you want to scroll the page to the top once you change your route using vue-router there’s two options. Both use the Navigation Guards Globally This will be have an effect on every single view change: View specific You can use the same snippet in the mounted function like this: