Defer CSS loading with WordPress

So you’re learning about Critical Rendering Path, you have already optimized your WordPress theme’s stylesheet but still there are WordPress core CSS files that you want to lazy load. I have a present for you 🎁 One of several techniques is to load the stylesheet using media=”print” which tells the browser this file is meant […]

Stop blindly preloading fonts

For a while now I thought that preloading your custom fonts was the way to go. In my defense in the past that was the recommended approach. Well, no longer 👋 I did a quick test with my cat’s site and the result is clear: What exactly happened here? The fonts stopped being a […]

How to export Chrome CSS code coverage

Google Chrome allows you to export the code coverage as JSON but not as the file. At least not that I could find how to do it. It was easier, however, to find how to generate a new CSS file based on the JSON export. Use this small PHP script to output the used CSS […]